It can be argued that the inception of the New York City based Alternative Rock quartet Nevrlands was truly a work of divine design. With each member coming from no shared musical background, lead singer Okan Kazdal, lead guitarist Louie Malpeli, bassist Caleb Buttner, and drummer Mikey Pittelli all found each other at the strike of pure luck. 

The Nevrlands universe was conceived through the blending of each members  wide range of musical influences and the freedom to express their true individuality through music. Nevrlands is the sonic destination that transcends normal genre barriers and empowers its listeners to do the same by embracing their own identity. 

After years of β€˜Do It Yourself’ recording and touring together since 2012, Nevrlands have taken the next step. Signing a 5 album record deal to the esteemed Rock n Roll power label Eleven Seven Records, Nevrlands is primed to release their anticipated debut full length album in 2019 and encourage all to join the Nevrlands Universe.


Lead Vocals / Okan Kazdal
Lead Guitar / Louie Malpeli
Bass / Caleb Buttner
Drums / Michael Pittelli



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